A weird one-day conference on a tiny island in the Oslofjord.

On August 7th, 2017 we hosted a weird, one-day conference for 150 people on an island in the Oslofjord. We then moved back to the mainland, added an extra 600 people into the mix, and partied the night away.

We also did this in 2016 and 2015.

See you again in 2018.

An Interesting Day 2017

Our Lineup



Marie Nielsen

Founder and CEO of Penda Manufacturing

Plus our musical guests

Bosses Bongoband

Jon Hopkins

Bugge Wesseltoft

Kelly Lee Owens

Karima F

Jon Intro


What was it all about? Good question! We like to do our part in building a solid, fun tech community. An Interesting Day is about gathering spectacular people to a full day of great stories, inspiration and just hanging out and having a good time. We gathered top-notch speakers to tell their stories and arranged fun activities throughout the day. We wrapped the whole thing up by throwing a massive afterparty at Vippa with some of the hottest international and local DJs.

Who was invited? In addition to a lot of great people from the Nordic tech and startup scene, we invited some of the most brilliant entrepreneurs and creatives from across the world.

We aimed for a fun and diverse crowd of ~150 people at the conference, and welcomed some incredible people from all backgrounds on the island.

Special thanks to... Pasquale D’Silva for hosting the event. High fives to David Karp, Miso/Stanislava Pinchuk, Marie Nielsen, Frank Chimero and Glory Edim for giving awesome talks. Mad props to Bosses Bongoband and Jon Intro for perfectly soundtracking our conference, and to Karima F, Bugge Wesseltoft, Kelly Lee Owens and Jon Hopkins for blowing us away at the afterparty. Thanks to everyone who helped us out with food, drinks and logistics for the event. Big ups to Anne Valeur and Christian Karlsen & crew for capturing everything on camera!